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      That would destroy the parity that NFL teams have enjoyed the past ten years.

      It will be tricky engineering T cells to survive inside the body long enough to destroy the cancer.

      So I will take, because I want it, or destroy, so you, too, will suffer.

      's 2000 bestseller, is afflicted with autophobia, the fear that she will destroy herself.

      Undeterred, Flamsteed managed to retrieve 300 of the 400 copies printed and destroy them.

      Opponents have said the plan would destroy valuable farming land and increase pollution and traffic.

      Indeed, in few if any historical cases did massive inflation alone destroy a society.

      Besides, one can't help but think going big would destroy some of Berger's inventiveness.

      Facebook's "home" software for Android phones could "destroy" privacy, warn industry watchers and analysts.

      Everybody knows that the only way to kill zombies is to destroy their mushy, rotty brains.

      Any attempt to do so will simply destroy the brand and forfeit sales to competitors.

      Pruitt wants the Justice Department to return the phone records and destroy any copies.

      Conservationists have warned that plans to widen the A21 would destroy 22 acres of woodland.

      And there is no guarantee that a bombing campaign would destroy all the sites.












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