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  • 当前位置: shoasis图书馆 > 人生 > [与天气相关的英语ag怎样追杀小客户]问天气的英语ag怎样追杀小客户


    时间:2019-02-20 00:03:01 来源:shoasis图书馆 本文已影响

      1. What's up with him today? He has a face like thunder!他今天怎么了?他看着怒气冲冲的。

      2. I'm a bit disappointed in John and David. It turned out they were only fair-weather friends.我对约翰和大卫有点失望,原来他们不过是靠不住的酒肉朋友。

      3. We don't have a snowball's chance of winning that contract!我们根本就没有一点希望能签那份合同。

      4. Don't worry about those two arguing. it's just a storm in a teacup.不用为他俩的争执担心,他们不过是小题大做罢了。

      5. The exam was a breeze.这次考试真是太容易了。

      6. We're snowed under at work.我工作忙得不可开交。

      7. They're blowing hot and cold over this issue. It's impossible to know what they want!他们在这件事情上摇摆不定,根本不可能知道他们到底想要什么!

      8. He's always working in his garden - come rain or shine.他总在花园里干活,风雨无阻。

      9. It's going to get very busy on Thursday. Today and tomorrow are just the lull before the storm.我们周四会很忙的,今天和明天只是暴风雨来临之前暂时的宁静。

      10. I don't want to spend this extra money. I'll save it up for a rainy day.我不想把这些额外收入花掉,我打算存起来以备不时之需。

      11. I'm going to see which way the wind blows before asking her about a raise.我打算先观察一下形势,然后再提加薪的事。

      12. You'll steal her thunder if you wear that dress tonight!如果你今晚穿那条裙子,你会抢了她的风头的!

      13. I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.我觉得不太舒服。

      14. This recession is quite serious and it's becoming difficult to weather the storm.这次经济衰退很严重,很难扛过去啊!













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