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      高中英语选修6 短语、重点ag怎样追杀小客户

      unit 1 art

      ⅰ. phrases.

      1. in the abstract 抽象地,理论上

      abstract sth. from sth. 从…中提取…

      2. aim at sth. 瞄准

      aim to do sth. 意欲,企图做某事

      aim at doing sth. 力争做某事

      with the aim of 带有……的目的

      3. focus on=concentrate on 集中

      4. a great deal (of) 大量

      5. in the flesh 活着的 本人

      6. take the place of sb. = replace代替,取代

      take one’s place 代替,取代;入座;就位

      7. break away from 脱离,摆脱,放弃

      8. at the same time 同时;但是

      9. would rather do sth (主语)宁愿做某事

      10. as a consequence =in consequence = as a result =consequently结果

      as a consequence of =in consequence of

      =as a result of 由于…的原因

      11. in possession of 拥有…

      in the possession of sb =in one’s possession 为某人所拥有

      take/ have possession of 拥有(占有)

      12. consider doing 考虑做某事

      consider sb./sth. to be/as

      consider that-clause 认为,看待

      consider it adj./n.+to do sth.

      13. appeal to有吸引力,感兴趣

      14.have a preference for… 对…有偏爱

      15. attempt to do sth. 企图做某事

      attempt at doing sth.

      16. on (the) one hand…on the other hand… 一方面…另一方面…

      17. scores of 许多,大量

      18. every two years 每两年

      every second year

      every other year

      19. be (well) worth n./doing(主动表被动) …值得…


      1. art is influenced by the way of life and ________of the people.艺术受人们生活方式和信仰的影响。

      2. if the rules of perspective had not been discovered, no one have been able to paint such realistic pictures.(虚拟语气)如果没有发现透视法,人们就不可能画出如此逼真的画.

      3. among the painters who ___ ________from the traditional style of painting were the impressionists who lived and worked in paris.那些脱离传统绘画风格的印象派画家们在巴黎生活工作.

      4. when people first saw his paintings they were ____they were looking through a hole in the wall at a real scene.当人们第一次看到他的画时,他们确信他们是从墙上的一个孔看一个真实的场面.

      5. in the renaissance, new ideas and values _______ _____ ________ ________those that were held in the middle ages. 在文艺复兴时期,新的想法和价值观取代了中世纪的想法和价值观.













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